Abbatucci, Jacques-Pierre

b. 7 September 1723, Zicavo, Corsica

d. 17 March 1813, Ajaccio

One of the major Corsican leaders, and the principal opponent of Paoli. From 1769 he served the French as an officer in the army. After the Revolution, when Paoli returned and took the island over to the English, Abbatucci led the the pro-French faction against him. They were unsuccessful, and Abbatucci had to retire to Toulon. The Committee of Public Safety had him appointed to the Army of the Rhine and Moselle as a general of division in April 1795. He did not take up the post due to a reorganisation, and was instead appointed to the Army of Italy on 17 December 1795 as general of brigade. He joined the army immediately, and was promoted general of division on 16 April 1796. He was not actively employed by Bonaparte during the 1796 campaign. His retirement was authorised on 7 December 1796, but he continued to draw the pay of an active officer until 23 September 1800, when he was given a pension.

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