Argenteau, Eugène-Guillaume-Alexis Mercy d'

b. 1734, Huy, near Liège

d. 4 May 1819, Vienna

(Count). "A distant cousin of the celebrated diplomat Florimond-Claude (1727-1794), the adviser of Marie-Antoinette ... Born in Huy, near Liège, in 1734, Argenteau distinguished himself during the Seven Years War and the war against the Turks. Transferred to Italy, he became Major-General, Lieutenant-General in 1795, and Feldzeugmeister. After the campaign of 1796 he obtained the command of the city and fortress of Vienna ... He was descended from the illustrious Lorraine general, Mercy, the adversary of Condé, killed at Nordlingen in 1645, and Feldmarschall de Mercy, who was killed in 1734 beneath the walls of Parma, at the battle of La Crocchetta." Bouvier, F. Bonaparte en Italie, 1796, 1899, p.684.

Entered army in 1760, in IR Mercy, no. 56. At Torgau. In 1761, at the siege of Schweidnitz. To IR 16 in 1773. Major in IR Loudon, no. 29. In 1788, took this regiment to the Turkish war as its Colonel. At Belgrade. In 1795 in Italy (doesn't say when he arrived) at Settepani and won the Knight's Cross of the Order of Maria Theresa. Promoted Feldmarschall-Lieutenant. In 1808 made Feldzeugmeister in retirement. According to this entry, he was born in 1741, and died in Brünn. Source: Wurzbach, C., von. Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich, 1856-91, vol I, p. 64.

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