Bacigalupo, Colonel

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A colonel in the Genoese service who had the misfortune to be commander of Ventimiglia in April 1794, at the time the French put into action Bonaparte's plan to capture Oneglia (a Piedmontese possession) by advancing overland, through Ventimiglia. He was reduced to watching several thousand French troops advance through his territory, and was unable to do anything but issue a protest at the violation of neutral territory. Were it not for his association with this phase in Bonaparte's career, his name would probably have been forgotten. Not listed in Hoefer, D. Nouvelle biographie universelle/générale, 1852-66. Not listed in Michaud. Biographie universelle ancienne et moderne, 1843-?.

Amur leopards

A personal interest, and nothing to do with history.

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They are perhaps the most endangered animals in the world -- there are only about 30 left in the wild. They desperately need help from humankind. See

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