Bagetti, Giuseppe Pietro

b. 14 April 1764, Turin

d. 17 May 1831, Turin

Began by studying music, but then moved on to the study of architecture, and under the guidance of Palmieri, to painting landscapes in watercolour. After a period in Nice, he was made a teacher of topographical drawing at the school for military engineers. In 1807 he went to Paris, where General Clarke gave him a position as a captain of topographical engineers at the War Depot. Here, he was given the task of painting the scenes of the engagements of Napoleon's 1796-7 campaign in Italy. In the next eight years, he produced more than eighty watercolours dealing with these and other subjects. (They are presently kept at Fontainebleau and the Depot.) Some of them were engraved, but the fall of Napoleon in 1814 prevented their publication. Bagetti then returned to Italy, where he continued to work, mostly on battle paintings.

No precise dates are given in Ferrabino, A. and others. Dizionario biografico degli Italiani, 1960-, vol 5, p. 181. The entries in Balteau, J. and others. Dictionnaire de biographie française, 1933-, vol. 4, p. 1187; Hoefer, D. Nouvelle biographie universelle/générale, 1852-66, vol 5, p. 154; and Michaud. Biographie universelle ancienne et moderne, 1843-?, vol 2, p. 609, give the additional information of the month of death being May. There is no further information in Treccani, G. Enciclopedia italiana, 1929-37, vol 5. No biography in Bouvier, F. Bonaparte en Italie, 1796, 1899.

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