Buchmayer, Captain

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Austrian officer. Captain commanding a company of IR Strassoldo at Borghetto on 30 May 1796, when the French forced a crossing of the Mincio there. His name appears in a report by his battalion commander, which is quoted in Gachot, E. Histoire militaire de Massena. La première campagne d'Italie (1795-1798). Paris, 1901, p. 150. Not listed in Wurzbach, C., von. Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich, 1856-91, unless in the appendices. The author has so far not been able to find any other information relating to this officer.

Amur leopards

A personal interest, and nothing to do with history.

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They are perhaps the most endangered animals in the world -- there are only about 30 left in the wild. They desperately need help from humankind. See www.amur-leopard.org.

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