Canto d'Irles, Joseph

b. 1731, Vienna

d. 10 April 1797, Warasdin

Graf. Ensign in IR no. 15 at the age of fourteen years. In 1754 he was promoted lieutenant. He served through the Seven Years War as an infantry officer, and was at Prague, Breslau, Reisse, Strehlen, and Wittenberg. Promoted captain in 1758. At Teplitz. Major in 1768, lieutenant-colonel in 1773, and commander of a grenadier battalion. Colonel in 1779. During the Turkish war he was at Bukowina and the Pass of Rohatyn. In 1789, during siege of Chotym, he was promoted General-Major and given command of the place by Prince Coburg. He commanded Mantua in 1796, and received the Cross of Commander of the Order of Maria Theresa for his conduct during the first siege. His health was affected by the second siege, and he died not long after its end. Wurzbach, C., von. Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich, 1856-91, vol 2, p. 268.

NB: Wurzbach gives a Germanised spelling for this name (Yrles), but Johann Baptist Schels in his many articles on the 1796 campaign, not to mention most other authors, adopt the spelling "Irles". I have followed their example. MBB.

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