Duphot, Mathurin-Léonard

b. 21 September 1769, Lyon

d. 27 December 1797, Rome

Called Léonard. Son of a mason and grandson of peasants. One of his teachers was Billaud-Varennes. On 25 July 1785 he joined the regiment of Vermandois. Promoted sergeant on 25 March 1792. Participated in campaigns with the Army of the Alps in Savoy, and was then sent to Nice. Then to the Army of the Pyrenees. In November 1794 he was made adjutant-general chef de brigade. Often mentioned in despatches by Augereau. On 13 June 1795 he was taken off the active list. On 9 February 1796 he was recalled to the Army of the Interior. Went back to Augereau in Italy in August 1796. Served at Mantua, Rivoli, and La Favorita. Promoted general of brigade on 30 March 1797. Went to Rome with Joseph Bonaparte. He was killed by a rioting crowd. He wrote poetry and made something of a name for himself with works entitled "Mon rêve" and "Ode aux mânes des héros morts pour la liberté". Source: Balteau, J. and others. Dictionnaire de biographie française, Paris, 1933-, vol. 12, p. ?.

Amur leopards

A personal interest, and nothing to do with history.

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They are perhaps the most endangered animals in the world -- there are only about 30 left in the wild. They desperately need help from humankind. See www.amur-leopard.org.

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