Dupuy, Dominique-Martin

b. 8 February 1767, Toulouse

d. 21 October 1798, Cairo (Egypt)

"Soldier in the infantry regiment of Artois (48th) from 4 November 1783 to 3 September 1784. Second lieutenant-colonel of the 1st battalion of volunteers of Haute-Garonne on 2 December 1791; lieutenant-colonel on 10 November 1792. Transferred to the 21st demi-brigade on 20 January 1794, and became its commander on 25 February 1794 (it became the 32nd in April 1796). Refused the rank of general to stay at the head of the 32nd. Commander of the town and castle of Milan in November 1796. General of brigade on 6 December 1796 (16 frimaire year V), but refused the rank again on the 12 January 1797 'not feeling able to fulfil the functions'. Kept as a general, nevertheless, but left with the 32nd. Departed with the expedition to Egypt as a general attached to the headquarters. Commander of the fortress of Cairo, he was killed by a lance thrust in a riot.

A bust of him by Roland is in the Museum of Versailles, and his name is inscribed on the marble tablets there, as well as on the Arc de Triomphe. A monument, a column, with his medallion, was also raised to him in 1842 in Toulouse. Many letters written by him from Italy are kept there in the municipal archives, as well as one of the 32nd's colours.

He was divorced. On 27 July 1808, a pension was awarded by Napoleon to General Dupuy's mother, born Paule Bertrand. (War Archive; General Roguet, p. 155-158, and 229; Trolard, vol I, p. 4-6 and 408-10; Jacques Charavay, Les généraux morts pour la patrie, p. 54-5.)" Bouvier, F. Bonaparte en Italie, 1796, 1899, p. 657.

See Larrey's account of his death in Egypt in Richardson, R. G. Larrey: Surgeon to Napoleon's Imperial Guard. London, 1974, p. 55-6.

There is a portrait in Petitfrère, C. Le Général Dupuy et sa Correspondance (1792-1798). Paris, 1962.

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