The 1700s

1700   Beginning of the Great Northern War
1 Nov 1700   Death of Charles II of Spain (Habsburg), accession of Philip V (Bourbon).
1 Mar 1700   P. J. Bourcet born in Usseaux or Yseaux (Dauphiné)
30 Nov 1700   Battle of Narva on the Gulf of Finland. Sweden defeats Russian forces of Peter the Great
7 Sep 1701   Grand Alliance of the Hague between Great Britain, Holland, Austria, Prussia, Hanover. France was joined by the House of Wittelsbach (Bavaria, Electoral Cologne)
Feb 1701   Beginning of the War of the Spanish Succession
18 Jan 1701   Elector of Brandenburg-Prussia crowned King Frederick I
12 Jun 1701   Act of Settlement. (Succession of the House of Hanover to the throne of England).
8 Mar 1702   Death of William III. Accession of Queen Anne to throne of England.
4 May 1702   War declared on France and Spain by England
1703   Foundation of St Petersburg
May 1703   Portugal joins Grand Alliance
Nov 1703   Savoy joins Grand Alliance
1704   Death of John Locke.
24 Jul 1704   British take Gibraltar
13 Aug 1704   Battle of Blenheim. British and Austrians under Marlborough defeat French and Bavarians under Tallard
1705   Joseph I elected Emperor
23 May 1706   Battle of Ramillies, nr Louvain. British, Dutch and Danes under Marlborough defeat French and Spanish under Villeroi
7 Sep 1706   Battle of Turin. Eugene defeats French, Spanish and Bavarians
30 Mar 1707   S. L. P. de Vauban dies, Paris
1 May 1707   Act of Union of England and Scotland
23 May 1707   Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) born in Råshult, Smâland
11 Jul 1708   Battle of Oudenaarde. Marlborough defeats Vendôme.
15 Jun 1709   L. de Clermont born in Versailles
9 Jul 1709   Battle of Poltava. Charles XII of Sweden defeated by Czar Peter
11 Sep 1709   Battle of Malplaquet. Marlborough defeats Villars
1711   Habsburgs subdue Hungarian separatists.
17 Apr 1711   Emperor Joseph I dies. Accession of Charles VI (elected Emperor in December)
7 May 1711   David Hume born in Edinburgh
24 Jan 1712   Frederick the Great born in Berlin
11 Jun 1712   L. J. de Vendôme dies, Vinaroz (Spain)
28 Jun 1712   J. J. Rousseau born in Geneva
13 Apr 1713   Pragmatic Sanction. Succession to the throne of Austria in the female line safeguarded.
Feb 1713   Death of Frederick I of Prussia. Accession of Frederick William I
11 Apr 1713   Treaty of Utrecht. Partition of the Spanish Empire. Country and colonies to Philip of Anjou, European territories to Austria, excluding Sicily, which went to Savoy.
5 Oct 1713   Denis Diderot born in Langres
6 Mar 1714   Treaties of Rastadt and Baden (7 Sep). Definitive end to the War of the Spanish Succession
1 Aug 1714   Death of Queen Anne. Accession of George I of Hanover
Jul 1715   Prussia joins Great Northern War against Sweden
1 Sep 1715   Death of Louis XIV, accession of Louis XV
15 Sep 1715   J. B. V. de Gribeauval born in Amiens
Nov-Dec 1715   Jacobite rising in Scotland
1716   Beginning of Turkish war with Austria. Victories of Eugene at Peterwardein (13 Aug) and Temesvar.
10 Oct 1716   G. E. von Loudon born in Livonia
22 Aug 1717   Spain occupies Sicily and Sardinia (Nov)
16 Aug 1717   Austria takes Belgrade
4 Jan 1717   Triple Alliance between Britain, France and Holland
13 May 1717   Maria Theresa born in Vienna
1718   Invention of the mercury thermometer by Fahrenheit
1718   Spain defeated by Quadruple Alliance (Britain, France, Austria, Netherlands)
Jul 1718   Peace of Passarowitz: end of war with Turkey
Dec 1718   Death of Charles XII at Frederickshald
19 Oct 1718   V. F. de Broglie born

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