The 1720s

1720   Savoy exchanges Sicily for Austrian Sardinia
3 Feb 1721   F. W. von Seydlitz born in Calcar, Duchy of Cleves
30 Aug 1721   Treaty of Nystad. End of the Great Northern War
16 Jun 1722   Death of Marlborough at Windsor
15 Jul 1722   J. P. Du Teil born in Pommier, Isère
5 Jun 1723   Adam Smith born in Kircaldy
1724   Repression of Polish protestants at Thorn.
22 Apr 1724   Immanuel Kant born in Koenigsberg
7 May 1724   D. S. de Wurmser born in Strasbourg
Feb 1725   Death of Czar Peter the Great.
25 Apr 1725   P. Paoli born in Stretta
21 Oct 1725   F. M. Lacy born in St Petersburg
26 Oct 1725   J. P. de Beaulieu born in Jodoigne (Brabant, nr Namur)
1726   War between Britain and Spain
1726   Voltaire goes into exile in England.
26 Jun 1726   Victor Amadeus III di Savoia born
20 Mar 1727   Death of Newton in London
11 Jun 1727   Death of George I in Osnabruck. Accession of George II
Mar 1728   End of war between Britain and Spain
1728   Publication of Ephraim Chambers' Cyclopaedia.
21 Feb 1728   Czar Peter III born in Kiel, Holstein-Gottorp
27 Oct 1728   J. Cook born in Marton-in-Cleveland
1729   Montesquieu goes to England.
1729   Voltaire leaves England.
2 May 1729   Catherine the Great born in Stettin
24 Nov 1729   A. V. Suvorov born in Moscow

Amur leopards

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