The 1730s

1731   Montesquieu returns to France.
31 Mar 1732   F. J. Haydn born in Rohrau, Lower Austria
Oct 1733   Beginning of the War of the Polish Succession. Russian candidate (Augustus III of Saxony) elected rather than French (Stanislas Lesczinski)
1734   A. Bajalich born in Szegedin
1734   E. G. A. d'Argenteau born in Huy, nr Liège
29 Jun 1734   French defeat Austrians at Battle of Parma
19 Sep 1734   French defeat Austrians at Battle of Guastalla
1735   A. Mittrovsky born
1735   M. Melas born in Schässburg in Siebenbürgen (Transylvania)
1735   The nomenclature of organic life put forward by Carl Linné
9 Jan 1735   J. Jervis born in Meaford
1 Feb 1735   J. Alvinczi born in Alvincz
28 May 1735   F. C. de Kellermann born in Strasbourg
Oct 1735   End of the War of the Polish Succession
9 Oct 1735   C. W. F., Duke of Brunswick born in Wolfenbüttel
12 Feb 1736   Marriage of Maria Theresa and Francis Stephen of Lorraine
1736   P. Pittoni born in Gorizia
1736   G. Provera born in Pavia
May 1736   Beginning of first Turkish war (Russia, later Austria)
24 Apr 1736   F. E. de Savoie-Carignan (Eugene of Savoy) dies, Vienna
8 Oct 1736   A. Lespinasse born in Pouilly-sur-Loire
1737   M. Rukavina born in Ternowacz (Croatia)
1737   P. Davidovich born in Ofen
29 Jan 1737   Thomas Paine born in Thetford
18 Nov 1738   Peace of Vienna. Stanislas received Lorraine (after his death to fall to France) Francis Stephen took Tuscany. Naples and Sicily to Spanish Bourbon. Parma and Piacenza to Habsburgs
1738   M. A. Colli-Marchi born in Vigevano or Milan
1738   P. V. Quosdanovich born in Sichelburg nr Carlstadt
24 Jan 1738   J. N. Houchard born in Forbach, Lorraine
24 May 1738   Birth of George III in London
7 Jul 1738   J. Du Teil born in Pommier, Isère
18 Sep 1739   Peace of Belgrade with Turkey. Austria lost northern Serbia and Little Wallachia. Beginning of Austro-Russian rivalry in Balkans
25 Jan 1739   C. F. du P. Dumouriez born in Cambrai
9 Aug 1739   L. Strassoldo born in Gorizia
17 Sep 1739   J. L. M. Du Jard born in Lunéville

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