The 1740s

1740   C. P. Sebottendorf born
1740   J. Ocskay born in Hungary
1740   End of first Turkish war
1740   Franco-Prussian alliance. First Silesian War
4 Feb 1740   A. P. de Custine born in Metz
9 May 1740   G. Paisiello born in Taranto
31 May 1740   Accession of Frederick the Great
20 Oct 1740   Death of Emperor Charles VI and accession of Maria Theresa
16 Dec 1740   Frederick invades Silesia. Beginning of the War of the Austrian Succession. Saxony and Bavaria make claims to Austrian throne
1741   A. F. J. M. de Pezay born in Versailles
1741   K. P. von Weidenfeld born nr Esseg
12 Feb 1741   J. Servan born in Romans
13 Mar 1741   Joseph (II) von Habsburg born in Vienna
10 Apr 1741   Prussians win the battle of Mollwitz
11 Sep 1741   Diet of Pressburg. Maria Theresa receives Hungarian help
1742   Peace of Breslau. Austria gives up Silesia and turns on Bavaria while making alliances with Savoy, Saxony and Britain
1742   Invention of centigrade thermometer by Celsius
1742   P. F. Sauret born
19 May 1742   H. A. Haquin born in Juilly (Val-de-Marne)
8 Dec 1742   J. M. P. Sérurier born in Laon (Aisne)
16 Dec 1742   G. L. von Blücher born in Rostock
1743   Second Franco-Prussian alliance
8 Feb 1743   Battle of Camposanto. Austrians under Traun repulse a Spanish army
13 May 1743   T. Jefferson born in Shadwell, Virginia
27 Jun 1743   Battle of Dettingen. Pragmatic Army defeats the French
26 Aug 1743   A. L. Lavoisier born in Paris
11 Nov 1743   J. A. H. de Guibert born in Montauban
1744   2nd Silesian War. Frederick moves deep into Bohemia, but is forced to retreat
3 Jan 1744   G. G. Serbelloni born in Milan
1 Mar 1744   C. F. J. Dugua born in Valenciennes
4 May 1744   P. Guillaume born in [Courcelles]-Chaussy (Moselle)
11 May 1744   H. C. M. Stengel born in Neustadt (Palatinate)
4 Jun 1744   Battle of Hohenfriedberg. Austrians and Saxons defeated
25 Sep 1744   Frederick William II of Prussia born in Berlin
1745   Genoa declares for the Bourbons
1745   A. Lipthay born in Szecseny
18 Feb 1745   A. G. A. A. Volta born in Como
11 May 1745   Battle of Fontenoy. British army under Cumberland defeated by French under Saxe
4 Jun 1745   Prussians defeat Austrians at the battle of Hohenfriedberg
Jul 1745   Beginning of Jacobite rising in Scotland
11 Sep 1745   M. I. G. Kutuzov born in St Petersburg
30 Sep 1745   Prussians defeat Austrians at the battle of Soor
4 Oct 1745   Francis Stephen of Lorraine enthroned as Emperor in Frankfurt cathedral
12 Dec 1745   F. R. J. de Pommereul born in Fougères
25 Dec 1745   Peace of Dresden: Austria confirms cession of Silesia to Prussia. Peace of Füssen: Bavaria recognises Francis Stephen as Emperor
29 Mar 1746   C. M. Bonaparte (Buonaparte) born in Ajaccio
30 Mar 1746   F. J. de Goya y Lucientes born in Fuendetodos
16 Apr 1746   Battle of Culloden. Defeat of Scottish jacobites
16 Jun 1746   Battle of Piacenza: Austrians defeat French and Spanish
Dec 1746   Brief Austro-Piedmontese invasion of Provence
Jan 1747   French under Belle-Isle drive the Austrians back from Provence into Italy
5 May 1747   Leopold (II) von Habsburg born in Vienna
19 Jun 1747   Piedmontese crush French at Colle dell'Assietta
Oct 1748   Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle. End of the War of the Austrian Succession. France returned Austrian Netherlands and British colonies. Parma to secondary Bourbon line. Savoy received parts of Milan
1748   Publication of Montesquieu's De l'Esprit des Lois.
30 Aug 1748   J. L. David born in Paris
1 Oct 1748   C. H. B. de Vaubois born in Château-Vilain, Clairvaux (Aube)
19 Oct 1748   T. Graham born in Balgowan, Perthshire
22 Dec 1748   A. Schübirz born in Olmutz
1749   K. C. von Piaczek born in Klobusicz
14 Feb 1749   J. Davin born in Baratier (Hautes-Alpes)
9 Mar 1749   H. G. R. de Mirabeau born in Bignon, nr Nemours
22 Apr 1749   J. B. Meynier born in Avignon
28 Aug 1749   J. W. von Goethe born in Frankfurt am Main

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