The 1750s

1750?   M. L. Bonaparte born in Ajaccio?
1750   Voltaire exiled from Paris.
13 May 1750   H. F. Fornésy born in Orbe (Vaud, Switzerland)
28 Jul 1750   J. S. Bach dies, Leipzig
24 Oct 1750   P. R. Ménard born in Liancourt
1751   Publication of the first volume of the Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers.
22 Feb 1751   H. Reuss-Plauen born in Schlosse Greiz
19 Oct 1751   C. E. J. Kilmaine born in Dublin
7 Feb 1752   P. A. Fiorella born in Ajaccio
20 Apr 1752   J. H. Costa de Beauregard born in Villard (Savoy)
4 Dec 1752   G. C. Faipoult born in Paris
9 Mar 1753   J. B. Kléber born in Strasbourg
13 May 1753   L. N. M. Carnot born in Nolay (Côte-d'Or)
23 Jun 1753   F. J. Lusignan born in Jaca, Aragon
18 Oct 1753   J. J. R. de Cambacérès born in Montpellier
20 Nov 1753   L. A. Berthier born in Versailles
1754   Conflict in North America between Britain and France
17 Jan 1754   A. Denniée born in Versailles
2 Feb 1754   C. M. de Talleyrand-Périgord born in Paris
13 May 1754   J. J. A. d'Hautpoul born in Cahuzac-sur-Vère (Tarn)
31 May 1754   D. C. de Pérignon born in Grenade (Haute Garonne)
31 Jul 1754   B. A. J. de Moncey born in Palise (Doubs)
18 Aug 1754   F. Chasseloup-Laubat born in Marennes or Saint-Sornin (Lwr Charente)
23 Aug 1754   Louis XVI born in Versailles
1 Oct 1754   Czar Paul born in St Petersburg
17 Oct 1754   A. E. F. de La Harpe born in Rolle, nr Lac Léman
8 Nov 1754   C. Dallemagne born in Peyrieu, nr Belley (Ain)
1755   Pasquale Paoli returns to Corsica to lead resistance against Genoese rule
1755   F. von Weyrother born in Vienna
1755   J. P. Vukassovich born in St Peter in military borders
1755   Death of Baron de Montesquieu.
4 Feb 1755   J. F. Lambert born in Toulon
13 Apr 1755   H. J. Ganteaume born in La Ciotat
30 Jun 1755   J. N. P. F. de Barras born in Fox-Amphoux (Var)
9 Jul 1755   Battle of Monongahela
25 Oct 1755   F. J. Lefebvre born in Rouffach, Alsace
Jan 1756   Prusso-British convention of Westminster to protect Hanover
27 Jan 1756   W. A. Mozart born in Salzburg
13 Feb 1756   M. Caffarelli born in Falga (Haute Garonne)
1 May 1756   First Treaty of Versailles between France and Austria. Later joined by Russia, Saxony, Sweden, and the Empire (except Hanover, Hesse-Kassel and Brunswick)
29 Aug 1756   Beginning of Seven Years War. Frederick invades Saxony, which becomes base for his operations
1 Oct 1756   Battle of Lobositz: Prussian victory
12 Oct 1756   J. J. F. L. De Sahuguet d'Amarzit born in Brives
27 Mar 1757   G. Rondeau born in La Rochelle
6 May 1757   Battle of Prague. Frederick beats the Austrians
31 May 1757   F. F. X. von Hohenzollern born in Schlosse Gheule nr Maastricht
18 Jun 1757   Battle of Kolin. Prussians defeated by Austrians
23 Jun 1757   Battle of Plassey. Clive defeats the Bengalis
26 Aug 1757   A. C. Saliceti born in Saliceto nr Bastia (Corsica)
30 Aug 1757   Battle of Gross-Jägersdorf. Prussians defeated by invading Russian army
6 Sep 1757   M. J. du M. de Lafayette born in Chavaniac
14 Oct 1757   Battle of Hochkirk. Frederick beaten by Austrians
21 Oct 1757   P. F. C. Augereau born in Paris
5 Nov 1757   Battle of Rossbach. Franco-German army under Soubise defeated by Frederick
28 Nov 1757   W. Blake born in London
5 Dec 1757   Battle of Leuthen. Frederick defeats Austrians
Jun 1758   Battle of Krefeld. Victory for Brunswick
22 Mar 1758   J. C. Monnier born in Cavaillon, nr Avignon
30 Apr 1758   G. A. Gardanne born in Solliès-Pont (Var)
6 May 1758   M. F. M. I. De Robespierre born in Arras
6 May 1758   A. Massena born in Nice
25 Aug 1758   Battle of Zorndorf. Frederick narrowly beats the Russians
7 Sep 1758   J. J. M. Pijon born in Lavaur (Tarn)
18 Sep 1758   L. Friant born in Villers-le-Vert nr Morlancourt
29 Sep 1758   H. Nelson born in Burnham Thorpe (Norfolk)
30 Sep 1758   J. J. Guieu born in Champcella (Haute-Alpes)
14 Oct 1758   Battle of Hochkirk. Austrians under Daun defeat Prussians
1759   F. Del Carretto born in Camerano?
1759   Publication of Candide.
16 Mar 1759   A. G. Rampon born in Saint-Fortunat (Ardèche)
14 Apr 1759   G. F. Handel dies, London
1 Aug 1759   Battle of Minden. Victory for Brunswick
12 Aug 1759   Battle of Kunersdorf. Russians and Austrians defeat Frederick
18 Aug 1759   J. A. B. de Lariboisière born in Fougères
13 Sep 1759   Battle of Quebec
18 Sep 1759   S. A. F. Miollis born in Aix-en-Provence
25 Oct 1759   W. W. Grenville born
26 Oct 1759   G. J. Danton born in Arcis-sur-Aube
10 Nov 1759   J. C. F. von Schiller born in Marbach, Württemberg
27 Nov 1759   J. B. Rusca born in La Briga (now Alpes-Maritimes)
27 Dec 1759   J. J. B. C. de La Salcette born in Grenoble

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