The 1760s

1760   W. Mahony born in Dunlocastle
2 Mar 1760   L. S. C. B. Desmoulins born in Guise (Aisne)
28 Mar 1760   A. F. M. de Beauharnais born in Fort-Royal, Martinique
10 May 1760   C. J. Rouget de Lisle born in Lons-le-Saulnier
Aug 1760   Battle of Liegnitz
25 Oct 1760   Death of George II and accession of George III
3 Nov 1760   Battle of Torgau
29 Jan 1761   J. Aliès born in Saint-Antonin (Aveyron or Tarn-et-Garonne)
13 Feb 1761   P. L. Dupas born in Evian (Haute-Savoie)
16 Feb 1761   (J-). C. Pichegru born in Arbois
6 Mar 1761   A. F. Andréossy born in Castelnaudary
21 Oct 1761   L. A. J. Bacler d'Albe born in Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise
23 Oct 1761   R. G. B. de Saint-Sulpice born in Paris
27 Dec 1761   M. B. Barclay de Tolly born in Luhda-Grosshof, Livonia
1762   J. L. A. Loudon born in Riga
1762   Publication of Du Contrat Social.
5 Jan 1762   Death of Empress Elizabeth of Russia
Feb? 1762   Russia leaves coalition. France and Sweden discontinue the war
7 Feb 1762   J. B. F. D. de Maillebois dies, Paris
19 Feb 1762   P. A. Garrau born in Sainte-Foy (Gironde)
25 Mar 1762   T. A. Dumas born in Jérémie (San Domingo)
29 Apr 1762   J. B. Jourdan born in Limoges
18 Jul 1762   Czar Peter III assassinated, Ropsha, nr St Petersburg
26 Jan 1763   J. B. J. Bernadotte born in Pau
10 Feb 1763   Peace of Paris: Britain obtains Canada, Louisiana and Senegal from France, Florida from Spain
14 Feb 1763   J. V. M. Moreau born in Morlaix
15 Feb 1763   Signing of the peace of Hubertusburg between Austria and Prussia brings an end to the Seven Years War
18 Mar 1763   M. de Vignolle born in Marsillargues (Gard)
7 May 1763   J. A. Poniatowski born in Vienna
13 May 1763   G. M. A. Brune born in Brive-la-Gaillarde (Limousin)
22 Jun 1763   E. N. Méhul born in Givet (Ardennes)
23 Jun 1763   M. J. R. Tascher de la Pagerie born in Martinique
23 Sep 1763   M. A. B. de Beaumont born in Beaumont-la-Ronce (Indre-et-Loire)
11 Apr 1764   Russian alliance with Prussia, who supported election of Russia's candidate (Stanislas Poniatowski) to Polish throne
13 Apr 1764   L. Gouvion Saint-Cyr born in Toul (Moselle)
14 Apr 1764   P. G. M. Bagetti born in Turin
5 May 1764   J. P. Collot born in Montpellier
22 May 1764   H. F. J. Despinoy born in Valenciennes
2 Jun 1764   Marriage of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino
13 Aug 1764   L. Baraguey d'Hilliers born in Paris
18 Sep 1764   A. J. Veaux born in Seurre, Burgundy
7 Dec 1764   C. Victor born in Lamarche (Vosges)
1765   P. I. Bagration born in Kizlyar
18 Aug 1765   Death of Emperor Francis Stephen
29 Aug 1765   J. B. Cervoni born in Saveria (Corsica)
17 Oct 1765   H. J. G. Clarke born in Landrecies
17 Nov 1765   E. J. J. A. Macdonald born in Sedan
1766   Discovery of Hydrogen by Cavendish
1 Jan 1766   A. V. Arnault born in Paris
22 Feb 1766   H. Vial born in Antibes
21 Jun 1766   E. A. D. M. J. Las Cases born in château of Las Cases nr Revel (Haute-Garonne)
8 Jul 1766   D. J. Larrey born in Beaudéan (Hautes Pyrénées)
10 Jul 1766   E. J. B. Milhaud born in Aurillac (Cantal)
4 Sep 1766   L. V. J. le B. Saint-Hilaire born in Ribemont (Aisne)
23 Oct 1766   E. de Grouchy born in Paris
6 Nov 1766   C. Botta born in S. Giorgio del Canavese, Piedmont
1767   D. von Miloradovics born in Croatia
1767   Invention of the Spinning Jenny by Hargreaves
8 Feb 1767   D. M. Dupuy born in Toulouse
19 Feb 1767   A. Dupont-Ferrier born in Crolles (Isère, Dauphiné)
25 Mar 1767   J. Murat born in La Bastide Fortunière
25 Apr 1767   N. C. V. Oudinot born in Bar-le-Duc
1 May 1767   J. A. Verdier born in Toulouse
26 May 1767   E. A. C. de Dommartin born in Dommartin-le-Franc (Haute-Marne)
7 Jan 1768   J. Bonaparte born in Corte
12 Feb 1768   Francis (II) von Habsburg born in Florence
13 Feb 1768   A. E. C. J. Mortier born in Cateau-Cambresis
20 Feb 1768   F. Bianchi born in Vienna
15 May 1768   French king purchases Corsica from Genoa
30 May 1768   E. de Nansouty born in Bordeaux
24 Jun 1768   L. L. Hoche born in Versailles
Aug 1768   French troops land at Bastia to take possession of Corsica
1 Aug 1768   C. L. de Haller born in Berne
6 Aug 1768   J. B. Bessières born in Prayssac (Quercy)
17 Aug 1768   L. C. A. Desaix born in château of Ayat (Auvergne)
22 Sep 1768   A. G. V. Rey born in Millau, Rouergue or Aveyron
Oct 1768   Beginning of second Turkish war (Russia only) over Russia's occupation of Moldavia and Wallachia. Austria makes alliance with Turkey
1769?   G. B. Alberghini born in Pesina
1769   Invention or perfection of steam engine by Watt
Feb 1769   Austria occupied the area along the Zips (Polish since 1412). This led to the Partition of Poland in 1772
10 Jan 1769   M. Ney born in Sarrelouis
16 Feb 1769   J. L. B. Espagne born in Auch
29 Mar 1769   N. J. D. Soult born in Saint-Amans-Labastide (Tarn)
Apr 1769   A. Wellesley born in Dublin
10 Apr 1769   J. Lannes born in Lectoure (Gers)
14 Apr 1769   B. C. Joubert born in Pont-de-Vaux (Bresse or Ain)
9 May 1769   Pasquale Paoli defeated by the French at Ponte Nuovo. Carlo Buonaparte surrenders two weeks later
25 May 1769   A. D. Belliard born in Fontenay-le-Comte (Vendée)
15 Aug 1769   N. Bonaparte born in Corsica
21 Sep 1769   M. L. Duphot born in Lyon
14 Oct 1769   A. M. C. Lavalette born in Paris
7 Nov 1769   N. Dahlmann born in Thionville
19 Nov 1769   F. J. A. F. Chauvet born in Mézel (Basses-Alpes)
14 Dec 1769   P. C. F. Thiébault born in Berlin

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