The 1770s

1770   Battle of Chesmé on the Black Sea: Russian navy defeats the Turks
1770   M. Miloradovich born in St Petersburg
1 Mar 1770   L. P. Montbrun born in Florensac (Hérault)
2 Mar 1770   L. G. Suchet born in Lyon
7 Apr 1770   W. Wordsworth born in Cockermouth, Cumberland
10 May 1770   L. N. Davout born in Annoux (Yonne)
22 May 1770   V. L. Berthier born in Versailles
3 Aug 1770   Frederick William (III) von Hohenzollern born in Potsdam
4 Aug 1770   F. E. de Kellermann born in Metz
27 Aug 1770   G. W. F. Hegel born in Stuttgart
12 Sep 1770   F. Roguet born in Toulouse
16 Dec 1770   L. van Beethoven born in Bonn
1771   Discovery of Oxygen by Scheele
16 Mar 1771   A. J. Gros born in Paris
15 Apr 1771   C. P. Schwarzenberg born in Vienna
27 Apr 1771   J. Rapp born in Colmar
4 Jun 1771   C. A. L. A. Morand born in Pontarlier
16 Jun 1771   L. de Clermont dies
11 Aug 1771   F. L. Morland born in Souilly (Meuse)
15 Aug 1771   Sir W. Scott born in Edinburgh
15 Aug 1771   L. C. Chouard born in Strasbourg
5 Sep 1771   Charles von Habsburg born in Florence
24 Sep 1771   A. Junot born in Bussy-le-Grand, nr Alésia
1772   Nitrogen discovered by Rutherford
10 Feb 1772   J. W. L. Liechtenstein dies
17 Mar 1772   V. E. Leclerc born in Pontoise
5 Aug 1772   First Partition of Poland (against will of Maria Theresa). Russia gave up Danubian principalities
21 Oct 1772   S. T. Coleridge born in Ottery St Mary, Devon
25 Oct 1772   G. M. C. Duroc born in Pont-à-Mousson
3 Nov 1772   F. Lanusse born in Habas (Landes)
17 Nov 1772   H. F. B. Sebastiani born in La Porta d'Ampugnani (Corsica)
18 Jan 1773   J. Sulkowski born
30 Apr 1773   J. M. P. F. Dorsenne born in Ardres
15 May 1773   C. W. N. L. Metternich born in Coblenz
6 Sep 1773   F. Fournier (Sarlovèze) born in Sarlat (Dordogne)
8 Nov 1773   F. W. von Seydlitz dies, Ohlau, Lower Silesia (Olawa, Poland)
1774   Peace of Kuchuk Kainardji. End of second Turkish war (Russia only). Russia obtained Azov
1774   J. B. de Muiron born
26 Apr 1774   A. J. M. R. Savary born in Marc-et-Chevrières (Ardennes)
20 Jul 1774   A. G. L. V. de Marmont born in Chatillon-sur-Seine
24 Oct 1774   F. Vigo-Roussillon born in Montpellier
1775   Pius VI elected Pope
1 Jan 1775   A. J. Bigarré born in Palais (Belle-Isle-en-Mer)
18 Apr 1775   First armed clash of American War of Independence at Lexington
23 Apr 1775   J. M. W. Turner born in London
10 May 1775   A. C. L. Lasalle born in Metz
21 May 1775   L. Bonaparte born in Ajaccio
26 Jun 1775   J. J. Desvaux de Saint-Maurice born in Paris
14 Jul 1775   Y. P. Daumesnil born in Périgueux
16 Dec 1775   J. Austen born in Steventon, Hants
17 Mar 1776   J. L. F. Le Marois born in Briquebec
11 Jun 1776   J. Constable born in East Bergholt, Suffolk
4 Jul 1776   American Declaration of Independence
16 Aug 1776   J. R. Coignet born in Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines (Yonne)
25 Aug 1776   D. Hume dies, Edinburgh
Dec 1777   Extinction of the Wittelsbach line. Austria tries to strengthen position in Empire
3 Jan 1777   M. A. E. Bonaparte born in Ajaccio
7 Feb 1777   L. Aune born in Arles
6 Dec 1777   A. F. J. M. de Pezay dies at Pezay, nr Blois
23 Dec 1777   Czar Alexander born in St Petersburg
9 Jan 1778   L. I. De Berchény dies, Luzancy nr La-Ferté-sous-Jouarre
10 Jan 1778   C. von Linné dies in Uppsala
8 Mar 1778   J. T. Arrighi de Casanova born in Corte (Corsica)
30 May 1778   F. M. Arouet (Voltaire) dies in Paris
2 Jul 1778   J. J. Rousseau dies in Ermenonville, nr Paris
5 Jul 1778   Opening of hostilities in War of Bavarian Succession. Prussia tries to prevent Austria from annexing Bavaria. Massive invasion of Bohemia. Western army (Prince Henry) ran out of supplies & stopped short of Prague. Eastern army (Frederick) stopped by Lacy
2 Sep 1778   L. Bonaparte born in Ajaccio
25 Dec 1778   Napoleon arrives in France (at Marseille) for the first time
14 Feb 1779   J. Cook dies at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii
6 Mar 1779   A. H. Jomini born in Payerne, Switzerland
May 1779   Napoleon enters the military academy at Brienne
May 1779   Treaty of Teschen. End of the War of the Bavarian Succession. Austria received Inn district, renounced designs on Bavaria. Russia guarantor
8 May 1779   C. P. Romanov born in Tsarskoe Selo
Oct 1779   Josephine arrives in France for the first time, at Brest
13 Dec 1779   Josephine marries Alexandre de Beauharnais

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