The 1780s

1780   Law of combustion formulated by Lavoisier
2 Jun 1780   Outbreak of Gordon Riots in London. (Against certain measures for Catholic emancipation).
1 Jun 1780   C. P. von Clausewitz born in Burg
14 Oct 1780   P. J. Bourcet dies, Grenoble
29 Oct 1780   P. Bonaparte born in Ajaccio
9 Nov 1780   J. B. Schels born in Brünn (Brno), Moravia
29 Nov 1780   Maria Theresa dies, Vienna
1781   Austria now in alliance with Russia
3 Sep 1781   E. R. de Beauharnais born in Paris
1782   R. Roustam born in Tiblisi
25 Mar 1782   M. N. C. Bonaparte born in Ajaccio
4 Apr 1782   V. C. Krasinski born in Boremlu in Wolyniu
18 Aug 1782   J. B. A. M. de Marbot born in château of Larivière, Beaulieu (Quercy)
9 Sep 1782   J. B. F. Koch born in Nancy
1783   Russia annexes Crimea
1783   Montgolfier makes first balloon ascent
3 Sep 1783   Treaty of Versailles. End of American War of Independence
23 Jan 1783   M. H. Beyle (Stendhal) born in Grenoble
10 Apr 1783   E. H. de Beauharnais born in Paris
3 Sep 1783   Treaty of Versailles between France and Britain.
14 Sep 1783   G. Gourgaud born in Versailles
1784   Austrians in dispute with Dutch over the Scheldt. France refuses to support Austria
17 Jan 1784   P. A. d'Ornano born in Ajaccio
30 Jul 1784   D. Diderot dies, Paris
15 Oct 1784   T. R. Bugeaud born in Limoges
17 Oct 1784   Napoleon leaves Brienne
21 Oct 1784   Napoleon arrives in Paris to begin at Ecole Militaire
15 Nov 1784   J. Bonaparte born in Ajaccio
1785   Prussia forms League of German Princes
24 Feb 1785   C. M. Bonaparte (Buonaparte) dies, Montpellier
21 Apr 1785   A. C. de Flahaut de la Billarderie born in Paris
1 Sep 1785   Napoleon receives commission as 2nd Lt at age 16. Chooses to serve in La Fère regt based in Valence
Oct 1785   Napoleon joins his regt at Valence
Jan 1786   Napoleon takes up full duties as 2nd Lt
27 Jan 1786   J. von Zieten dies, Berlin
Aug 1786   Napoleon takes part in the suppression of a revolt in Lyon
17 Aug 1786   Frederick the Great dies, Potsdam
20 Aug 1786   Calonne informs Louis XVI that the state is insolvent
20 Dec 1786   D. C. Parquin born in Paris
17 Aug 1787   Beginning of third Turkish war with Austria and Russia
Oct 1787   Napoleon's regt moves to Douai
Oct-Nov? 1787   Prussia invades United Provinces with British support
1788   Sweden invades Russian Finland
1788   Josephine returns to Martinique for a visit with Hortense
Jan 1788   Napoleon returns to Corsica on leave
22 Jan 1788   G. G. Byron born in London
Mar 1788   New alliance between Prussia and Holland
May 1788   Napoleon posted to Auxonne, where he rejoins his regt
Jun 1788   New alliance between Britain and Holland
8 Aug 1788   Announcement of recall of Estates General
25 Aug 1788   Baron Necker appointed to ministry.
Oct? 1788   Beginning of movement in Poland for reform
4 Nov 1788   P. P. de Ségur born in Paris
1789   Austrians recapture Belgrade
Feb 1789   Publication of Siéyès pamphlet 'What is the Third Estate?'
5 May 1789   Meeting of the Estates General at Versailles
9 May 1789   J. B. V. de Gribeauval dies, Paris
4 Jun 1789   Death of the Dauphin.
17 Jun 1789   Third Estate adopts the title of National Assembly
19 Jun 1789   Majority of clergy vote to join Third Estate.
20 Jun 1789   Tennis Court Oath
26 Jun 1789   Troops begin to concentrate around Paris
27 Jun 1789   King Louis orders clergy and nobility to join Third Estate.
11 Jul 1789   Dismissal of Necker.
14 Jul 1789   Storming of the Bastille
16 Jul 1789   Recall of Necker.
18 Jul 1789   Comte d'Artois and three other princes emigrate
4-5 Aug 1789   Abolition of feudal rights by National Assembly.
26 Aug 1789   Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen
Sep 1789   Napoleon goes to Corsica, where he speaks in support of the Revolution
1 Oct 1789   Decree establishing the military committee of the National Assembly.
5 Oct 1789   March of women to Versailles.
6 Oct 1789   Royal family brought to Paris, followed by National Assembly.
10 Oct 1789   Louis XVI decreed King of the French.
2 Nov 1789   Church property nationalised.
19 Dec 1789   Assignats issued.

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