? 1791   An émigré army begins to form at Coblenz.
1791   Napoleon rejoins his regiment at Auxonne
Feb 1791   Kellermann appointed commander on the Upper Rhine, later on Lower Rhine
9 Feb 1791   Election of first bishops of the French constitutional church.
10 Mar 1791   Pope condemns the Civil Constitution of the Clergy.
1 Apr 1791   Napoleon promoted to 1st Lt in Artillery Regt of Grenoble, garrisoned at Valence. He is active in a Revolutionary club there
2 Apr 1791   H. G. R. de Mirabeau dies in Paris
10 Jun 1791   Prussian envoy Bischoffwerder arrives in Milan to seek Austrian aid against France.
20 Jun 1791   Flight to Varennes
25 Jun 1791   King suspended from functions on being brought back to Paris
6 Jul 1791   Padua Circular issued by Leopold, appealing for the mnrchs of Europe to restore the liberty of the French royal family.
6 Jul 1791   Napoleon swears oath required of all officers, 'to die rather than allow a foreign power to invade French soil'.
14 Jul 1791   Napoleon swears oath of loyalty to the new Constitution.
17 Jul 1791   Massacre of the Champ de Mars
25 Jul 1791   Preliminary convention between Austria and Prussia signed in Vienna.
4 Aug 1791   Peace of Galatz between Russia and the Turks.
5 Aug 1791   Treaty of Sistova between Austria and the Turks. No significant gains for Austria despite victories
17 Aug 1791   Frenchmen abroad summoned to return within one month.
27 Aug 1791   Declaration of Pillnitz
5 Sep 1791   Sardinian ambassador to Vienna reports that Kaunitz is against military intervention in France.
13 Sep 1791   Louis XVI accepts new constitution and is restored to functions.
Oct 1791   Napoleon returns to Corsica on leave. His uncle dies soon after.
1 Oct 1791   Legislative Assembly meets.
20 Oct 1791   Brissot makes first great speech on foreign affairs, launching campaign for war.
9 Nov 1791   Decree ordering return to France of émigrés suspected of conspiracy against the nation.
12 Nov 1791   King vetos decree against émigrés.
29 Nov 1791   National Assembly votes to require Louis XVI to take steps to disperse émigrés.
5 Dec 1791   W. A. Mozart dies in Vienna
14 Dec 1791   Formation of the French armies of the North, the Centre, and the Rhine
14 Dec 1791   King Louis appeared before the National Assembly to announce that the Elector of Trier had been informed that he would be treated as an enemy of France if he did not disperse the émigrés in his territories.
21 Dec 1791   Kaunitz informs French ambassador in Vienna that the Austrian commander in Belgium, Gen Bender, had been ordered to provide assistance to the Elector of Trier if French troops should cross the frontier.

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