9 Jan 1792   Peace of Jassy. End of third Turkish war. The coast between the Dniester and Bug rivers became Russian
14 Jan 1792   The Brissotins begin a series of speeches arguing the case for war.
24 Jan 1792   National Assembly passes decree accusing Austrians of breaking the treaty of 1756 & inciting other powers to interfere in France's affairs. If Leopold did not give assurances by Mar 1st that he wld keep the peace, a state of war wld be deemed to exist
28 Jan 1792   King Louis informs the National Assembly it has no power to deal with foreign affairs, but he had already made the demands in the decree two weeks previously.
6 Feb 1792   Napoleon promoted Captain en second. Active in pltcs in Corsica
7 Feb 1792   Formation of Austro-Prussian alliance. Piedmont joined the alliance soon after.
9 Feb 1792   Property of émigrés decreed forfeit to nation.
16 Feb 1792   Frederick William II chairs a meeting at Potsdam to decide plan of campaign against France.
1 Mar 1792   Emperor Leopold II dies in Vienna. Accession of Francis II
10 Mar 1792   Assembly brings about resignation of Ministry. Administration sympathetic to Girondins takes its place.
15 Mar 1792   Dumouriez appointed Foreign Minister.
1? Apr 1792   Napoleon elected Lt Col in Corsican National Guard.
8 Apr 1792   Napoleon involved in civil disturbances in Ajaccio.
12 Apr 1792   Austria orders 50,000 reinforcements to move to the frontier.
20 Apr 1792   France declares war on Austria
28 Apr 1792   Three columns of the Army of the North advance to invade the Austrian Netherlands (Belgium).
29 Apr 1792   Two columns of the Army of the North panic during advance to Tournai, though not in contact with enemy. General Dillon, commanding one of the columns, murdered by his troops during retreat to Lille. Further advances unsuccessful.
May 1792?   Austrians easily defeat French troops including National Guard in skirmishes around Lille. Lille besieged by Austrians.
May 1792?   Rochambeau resigns command of the Army of the North and is replaced by Lafayette, who had been in command of the Army of the Centre.
28 May 1792   Napoleon arrives in Paris to defend himself against charges after fighting in Ajaccio
14 Jun 1792   Dumouriez resigns as Foreign Minister to become Minister of War.
20 Jun 1792   Mob invades Tuileries
26 Jun 1792   First coalition between Prussia and Austria. Later joined by Britain, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, Naples, Tuscany, and others.
28 Jun 1792   Lafayette returns to Paris
30 Jun 1792   Attempted French invasion of Belgium at an end
Jul 1792   Allied army under Duke of Brunswick begins to assemble at Coblenz. About 42,000 Prussians, 30,000 Austrians, Hessians, émigrés.
11 Jul 1792   Decree of 'la patrie en danger'
25 Jul 1792   Brunswick Manifesto
25-30 Jul 1792   Arrival of fédérés from Brest and Marseille
4 Aug 1792   P. B. Shelley born in Field Place, nr Horsham, Sussex
9 Aug 1792   Insurrectionary commune formed in Paris.
10 Aug 1792   Storming of Tuileries, massacre of Swiss Guard. King suspended from functions
16 Aug 1792   Closure of the school at St Cyr. Napoleon collects his sister Marie-Anne from the school and takes her to Paris.
17 Aug 1792   Lafayette defects to the Austrians. He was replaced by Dumouriez.
19 Aug 1792   Brunswick crosses frontier.
23 Aug 1792   Longwy falls to Prussians
31 Aug 1792   Napoleon promoted Captain in regular army
2 Sep 1792   Verdun surrenders to Prussians
2 Sep 1792   Kellermann arrives at his new HQ to take command of the Army of the Centre
2-6 Sep 1792   September massacres
8 Sep 1792   Brunswick enters Argonne Forest
9 Sep 1792   Napoleon leaves Paris to return to Corsica with his sister.
12 Sep 1792   Dumouriez asks Kellermann to move the Army of the Centre to join his Army of the North
20 Sep 1792   Kellerman and Dumouriez win Battle of Valmy against Brunswick. The Convention constituted.
21 Sep 1792   Convention abolishes mnrchy
29 Sep 1792   French army occupies Nice
Oct-Nov? 1792   Custine invades Germany from Alsace and reaches Frankfurt. Dumouriez moves north into Belgium. The Austrians retire before Dumouriez, who greatly outnumbers them.
21 Oct 1792   Mainz taken by the French.
6 Nov 1792   Dumouriez defeats the Austrians under Albert of Saxe-Teschen at Battle of Jemappes. French army advances into Belgium.
11 Nov 1792   Kellermann appointed commander of the Army of the Alps
14 Nov 1792   Dumouriez captures Brussels.
20 Nov 1792   National Convention declares the opening of the Scheldt.
23 Nov 1792   French gunboats move to capture Antwerp.
27 Nov 1792   Savoy becomes 84th département of France
29 Nov 1792   Dutch government makes formal request to Britain for assistance.
Dec? 1792   Brunswick counter-attacks, driving Custine back to the Rhine.
2 Dec 1792   Brunswick re-captures Frankfurt. Custine then retired to Mainz where he took up winter quarters.
13 Dec 1792   Executive Council orders Dumouriez into winter quarters.
15 Dec 1792   Decree of Guerre aux châteaux.

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