1793   Second Partition of Poland
Jan 1793   Britain joins coalition
14-17 Jan 1793   The Convention debates the fate of the King.
21 Jan 1793   Execution of King Louis XVI
1 Feb 1793   France declares war on England and Holland
14 Feb 1793   France annexes Monaco.
18-25 Feb 1793   Napoleon participates in attack on island of Maddalena (under Sardinian control).
Mar 1793   Spain joins coalition
Mar? 1793   France annexes Belgium.
1 Mar 1793   Prince Frederick of Saxe-Coburg Saalfeld marches into Belgium. Brunswick (later?) besieges Custine in Mainz.
7 Mar 1793   France declares war on Spain
9 Mar 1793   Convention authorises representatives en mission. Levy of 300,000 men authorised
10 Mar 1793   Revolutionary Tribunal established
11 Mar 1793   Revolt in La Vendée begins
18 Mar 1793   Dumouriez loses Battle of Neerwinden to Saxe-Coburg (Austria). Many French volunteers desert. The Austrians (later?) recover Brussels.
21 Mar 1793   Comités de surveillance established in every commune
21 Mar 1793   Dumouriez defeated again at Louvain.
26 Mar 1793   Committee of Public Safety established
4 Apr 1793   Dumouriez defects to the Austrians after being accused of treason. He was replaced by Dampierre.
13 Apr 1793   Marat brought before Revolutionary Tribunal.
May-Oct 1793   Federalist revolts in the provinces against the Convention.
4 May 1793   First maximum
8 May 1793   Dampierre killed near Condé while trying to halt Saxe-Coburg's advance. Custine was appointed to take command of the Army of the North.
18 May 1793   Spanish win major engagement against French at Mas d'Eu.
20 May 1793   Kellermann appointed commander of the armies of the Alps and Italy
21-23 May 1793   Custine defeated near Valenciennes by Saxe-Coburg (Austria). Later recalled to Paris and replaced by Houchard.
28 May 1793   Insurrectionary Committee formed
2 Jun 1793   Final overthrow of Girondins
10 Jun 1793   Napoleon and his family forced to leave Corsica.
14 Jun 1793   Napoleon and family arrive in Toulon
24 Jun 1793   Constitution of 1793
Jul 1793   The English land in Corsica.
10 Jul 1793   Fall of Condé to Austrians.
13 Jul 1793   Murder of Marat
17 Jul 1793   Final abolition of all feudal rights.
17 Jul 1793   Beginning of counter-Revolutionary unrest in Lyon
24 Jul 1793   Napoleon participates in Carteaux's successful attack on rebels in Avignon.
27 Jul 1793   Robespierre joins Committee of Public Safety
29 Jul 1793   Valenciennes falls to Austrians. The Army of the North under Houchard then retreats to Arras.
? Aug 1793   Mainz captured by Prussians.
? Aug 1793   Counter-revolution in full swing in the Vendée. Lyon and Marseille also declare for the mnrchy.
9 Aug 1793   Kellermann begins siege of Lyon
20 Aug 1793   Kellermann appointed commander of the Army of the Centre
23 Aug 1793   Decree of levée en masse.
25 Aug 1793   Napoleon takes part in the bloody capture of Marseille from the rebels.
27 Aug 1793   Rebellion begins in Toulon. Admiral Hood entered the harbour with 21 ships, accompanied by a Spanish squadron.
28 Aug 1793   A. P. de Custine dies in Paris
5 Sep 1793   Attempted coup by Hébertists
6 Sep 1793   Anglo-Hanoverians under York besieging Dunkirk defeated by Houchard at Hondschoote.
7 Sep 1793   Republican forces invest Toulon.
13 Sep 1793   Netherlanders under Orange defeated by Houchard at Menin
16 Sep 1793   Saliceti appoints Napoleon temporary artillery commander at Toulon
17 Sep 1793   Law of Suspects
22 Sep 1793   Jourdan appointed commander of the Army of the North. Houchard arrested.
29 Sep 1793   Law of General maximum
Oct 1793   Kellermann arrested and imprisoned
Oct 1793   Pichegru appointed commander of the Army of the Rhine.
Oct? 1793   Carnot joins the Army of the North and orders Jourdan to relieve Maubeuge, which was being besieged by the Austrians.
7 Oct 1793   Adoption of Republican Calendar: Year II deemed to have begun on 22 September
9 Oct 1793   Lyon retaken by Republicans.
15-16 Oct 1793   Jourdan defeats Austrians under Saxe-Coburg at Wattignies
16 Oct 1793   Marie Antoinette executed
19 Oct 1793   Napoleon promoted Major
31 Oct 1793   Girondin leaders executed
6 Nov 1793   Duc d'Orleans executed.
8 Nov 1793   Madame Roland executed.
11 Nov 1793   Bailly executed.
17 Nov 1793   Dugommier arrives to take command at Toulon.
17 Nov 1793   J. N. Houchard dies in Paris
28-30 Nov 1793   Prussians under Brunswick defeat Hoche at Kaiserslautern
29 Nov 1793   Barnave executed.
Dec 1793   Pichegru helps Hoche to drive the Austro-Prussian armies from Alsace.
19 Dec 1793   English evacuate Toulon
22 Dec 1793   Napoleon promoted General of Brigade
22 Dec 1793   Hoche defeats Prussians under Brunswick at Fröschwiller
23 Dec 1793   Vendeans defeated at Savenay
26 Dec 1793   Austrians under Wurmser defeated by Hoche at Geisberg

Amur leopards

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