? 1794   Mainz re-captured by the French.
? 1794   French drive allies from Savoy, and hold off Spanish in Pyrenees.
1794   Popular uprising in Poland led by Kosciuszko, suppressed by Prussian and Russian troops
4 Jan 1794   Napoleon writes report asking to repair the fortress at Marseille.
6 Jan 1794   Jourdan removed from command of Army of North and retired to Limoges
22 Feb 1794   J. P. Du Teil dies in Lyon
Mar 1794   Alexandre de Beauharnais arrested
Mar 1794   Hoche arrested. Pichegru made commander of Army of North.
10 Mar 1794   Jourdan appointed commander of the Army of the Moselle
24 Mar 1794   Execution of Hébertists
Apr 1794   Josephine arrested
Apr 1794   Pichegru and Jourdan invade Belgium.
2 Apr 1794   Danton's trial begins
5 Apr 1794   L. S. C. B. Desmoulins dies in Paris
5 Apr 1794   G. J. Danton dies in Paris
24 Apr 1794   Anglo-Austrians under Ott defeat French at Villers-en-Cauchies
30 Apr 1794   French offensive against Spanish begins with the crossing of the Tech.
6 May 1794   Saint-Laurent falls to the Army of Pyrenees. Dugommier moves towards coast.
8 May 1794   A. L. Lavoisier dies in Paris
18 May 1794   Austro-British-Hanoverians under Saxe-Coburg defeated by French under Souham (temporarily commanding Pichegru's Army of North) at Tourcoing.
23 May 1794   Inconclusive battle at Tournai between French and Austrians.
29 May 1794   Collioure falls to French. Spanish incursion into French territory is at an end.
8 Jun 1794   Festival of the Supreme Being
10 Jun 1794   Law of 22 prairal
12 Jun 1794   Jourdan invests Charleroi.
17 Jun 1794   French victory at Hooglede.
25 Jun 1794   Charleroi falls to the French.
26 Jun 1794   Jourdan defeats allies under Saxe-Coburg at Battle of Fleurus
2 Jul 1794   Jourdan appointed commander of Army of Sambre and Meuse (formed by incorporating his Army of Moselle with Army of North).
10 Jul 1794   Brussels captured by the French.
23 Jul 1794   A. F. M. de Beauharnais dies in Paris
26 Jul 1794   Robespierre makes his last speech in the Convention, calling for a purge of his enemies
27 Jul 1794   Journée of 9 thermidor. Arrest of Robespierrists. Abolition of Paris Commune by Convention. Liège and Antwerp captured by Jourdan and Pichegru.
28 Jul 1794   M. F. M. I. de Robespierre dies in Paris
28 Jul 1794   Execution of Robespierre and his followers. Repeal of the law of 22 prairal.
30-31 Jul 1794   Committee of Public Safety reorganised
Aug-Sep? 1794   Formation of the Army of the Rhine and Moselle under Moreau.
6 Aug 1794   Josephine released from prison
10 Aug 1794   Corsica taken by British.
10 Aug 1794   Napoleon placed under house arrest in Nice
10 Aug 1794   Reorganisation of Revolutionary Tribunal.
13 Aug 1794   Augereau defeats the Spanish at San Lorenzo de la Muga.
17 Aug 1794   Moncey appointed commander of the Army of the Eastern Pyrenees.
20 Aug 1794   Napoleon provisionally released from house-arrest
Sep-Oct 1794   Moreau advanced into the Rhineland. Despite a setback at Kaiserslautern, by October he had made the allies cross the Upper Rhine and had invested Mainz.
12 Nov 1794   Closure of Jacobin Club
17-20 Nov 1794   Augereau makes decisive attack on the fortified lines at Figueras. Dugommier is killed while watching the attack from Montagne Noire.
17 Nov 1794   Pérignon becomes commander of the Army of the Pyrenees after the death of Dugommier.
27 Nov 1794   Pérignon takes Figueras and invests Rosas.
29 Nov 1794   Battle at Mainz.
Dec? 1794   Minor French successes in the south. Allies driven completely out of Savoy. French advance to Savona.

Amur leopards

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They are perhaps the most endangered animals in the world -- there are only about 30 left in the wild. They desperately need help from humankind. See www.amur-leopard.org.

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