1795   Third Partition of Poland: dissolution of the state
? Jan 1795   Pichegru pushes into United Provinces (Holland), capturing the fleet at Texel.
15 Jan 1795   Kellermann reinstated with previous rank
23 Jan 1795   French occupy Amsterdam
3 Feb 1795   Pérignon captures Rosas.
17 Feb 1795   Hoche brings temporary peace to La Vendée
21 Feb 1795   Decree separating Church and State
Feb-Mar? 1795   Creation of the Batavian Republic, satellite and ally of France.
3 Mar 1795   Kellermann again appointed commander of the armies of the Alps and Italy
5 Mar 1795   Carnot leaves Committee of Public Safety.
Apr 1795   Napoleon appointed to command the artillery of the Army of the West fighting the royalists in Brittany. When his request for a job with the Army of the Alps is refused he applies for sick leave, which he spends in Paris
1 Apr 1795   Journée of 12 germinal
5 Apr 1795   Peace with Prussia signed at Basle. Prussia recognised French claims to the left bank of the Rhine, while France agreed to the neutralisation of North Germany.
16 Apr 1795   Peace with Holland signed at the Hague
6 May 1795   Pérignon is defeated at Bascara.
20-23 May 1795   Journées of prairal
23 May 1795   Paris sections disarmed
30 May 1795   Schérer replaces Pérignon as commander of the Army of the Pyrenees.
8 Jun 1795   Death of the Dauphin
24 Jun 1795   Comte de Provence, self-styled Louis XVIII, issues proclamation from Verona
26 Jun 1795   Luxembourg falls to the French after an eight-month siege.
27 Jun 1795   émigrés land at Quiberon Bay
Jul? 1795   Pichegru appointed commander of the Army of Rhine and Moselle.
16-20 Jul 1795   Hoche defeats French royalists and British at Quiberon
22 Jul 1795   Peace with Spain signed at Basle.
Aug 1795   Pichegru initiates secret contacts with émigrés.
Aug? 1795   Peace between France and Saxony, Hesse-Cassel, and Hanover.
21 Aug 1795   Napoleon given a position in the Planning Centre in Paris
22 Aug 1795   Convention approves Constitution of the Year III
Sep 1795   Napoleon made head of mission to reorganise Turkish artillery. Prepares to go to Turkey
Sep 1795   An army of 100,000 allies under Clerfayt stood opposite Jourdan. Wurmser had 85,000 east of the Upper Rhine.
Sep 1795   Augereau transferred to the Army of Italy.
3 Sep 1795   Jourdan (Army of Sambre and Meuse) defeated by the Archduke Charles at Würzburg and gives up his command.
15 Sep 1795   Moncey appointed commander of the 11th division at Bayonne.
5 Oct 1795   Insurrection of 13 Vendémiaire and 'whiff of grapeshot'
26 Oct 1795   Convention is dissolved and the Directory is formed
27 Oct 1795?   Napoleon becomes c-in-c of the Army of the Interior
29 Oct 1795   Austrians under Clerfayt defeat Pichegru at Mainz
31 Oct 1795   J. Keats born in London
Nov? 1795   Pichgru defects to the Austrians.
15 Nov 1795   British withdraw after failing to make a landing on the Poitou coast.
24 Nov 1795   Battle of Loano
21 Dec 1795   Clerfayt consents to a general armistice on the Rhine front.

Amur leopards

A personal interest, and nothing to do with history.

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They are perhaps the most endangered animals in the world -- there are only about 30 left in the wild. They desperately need help from humankind. See www.amur-leopard.org.

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