2 Mar 1796   Napoleon appointed c-in-c of the Army of Italy
9 Mar 1796   Napoleon marries Josephine
11 Mar 1796   Napoleon leaves Paris in a post-chaise with Junot and Chauvet
13 Mar 1796   Napoleon at Chatillon-sur-Seine
20 Mar 1796   Napoleon passes through Marseille and collects Leclerc
26 Mar 1796   Napoleon arrives in Nice and lodges in maison Sauvaigo
31 Mar 1796   Napoleon reviews some troops in Nice
2 Apr 1796   F. J. A. F. Chauvet dies in Genoa
2 Apr 1796   Napoleon leaves Nice at 8 a.m. en route for Albenga. Sleeps at Menton
3 Apr 1796   Napoleon at Porto Maurizio
4 Apr 1796   Napoleon at Oneglia, then Albenga
5 Apr 1796   Albenga: At 1 a.m. Napoleon learns of the death of Chauvet
6 Apr 1796   Headquarters of Army of Italy moves to Albenga
7 Apr 1796   Napoleon joined by Joseph at Albenga and sees Cacault, the French representative in Genoa
9 Apr 1796   Napoleon moves from Albenga to Savona. Meets Augereau on the way
10 Apr 1796   Austrians attack in the area of Voltri
11 Apr 1796   Napoleon divides his time between La Madonna and Savona. Cervoni's brigade retires to Savona, arriving at about 4 p.pm. Argenteau attacks Mte Negino
12 Apr 1796   Battle of Montenotte. Napoleon leaves Savona at 1 a.m., watches battle from height of Casa Bianca. Sleeps at Carcare
13 Apr 1796   F. Del Carretto dies at Cosseria
13 Apr 1796   Augereau attacks Provera at Cosseria. Joubert wounded
14 Apr 1796   Massena and La Harpe attack Dego, which they take with few casualties. Provera capitulates
15 Apr 1796   Vukassovich re-takes Dego, but is later driven off
16 Apr 1796   Napoleon seems to have gone to Montezemolo
17 Apr 1796   Napoleon goes from Carcare to Cairo. HQ moves to Millesimo
18 Apr 1796   Napoleon goes to Ceva. Probably slept at Saliceto
19 Apr 1796   French check at S. Michele. At 1 a.m. Napoleon dictates orders to divisional generals confirming attack on S. Michele. At Lesegno at midnight
20 Apr 1796   Napoleon reconnoitres terrain around S. Paolo. Returns to Lesegno. Had been raining for two days
21 Apr 1796   Colli tries to withdraw to high ground before Mondovì, but is attacked and driven back
23 Apr 1796   Colli asks for an armistice
27 Apr 1796   Beaulieu makes for the Po crossings at Valenza
28 Apr 1796   H. C. M. Stengel dies
28 Apr 1796   Armistice agreed with Piedmont
2 May 1796   All Beaulieu's troops across the Po
6 May 1796   Napoleon finds the glass in his wife's miniature broken and suspects she is ill or unfaithful
8 May 1796   A. E. F. de La Harpe dies, Codogno
10 May 1796   Battle of Lodi
26 May 1796   Newly formed demi-brigades of Army of Italy draw their new numbers at Soncino
30 May 1796   The French arrive in the area of Rivoli for the first time
4 Jun 1796   Battle of Altenkirchen.
4 Jun 1796   Siege of Mantua begins
10 Jun 1796   Jourdan crosses the Rhine at Düsseldorf.
16 Jun 1796   Archduke Charles defeats Jourdan at Wetzlar
21 Jun 1796   Beaulieu hands over command to Melas
23-27 Jun 1796   Moreau crosses the Rhine at Strasbourg.
27 Jun 1796   Citadel of Milan surrenders
Jul 1796   Wurmser takes command in Italy
Jul? 1796   Jourdan withdraws across the Rhine. Charles leaves covering force under Wartensleben to watch Jourdan and moves against Moreau.
5 Jul 1796   G. Rondeau dies, Savona
9 Jul 1796   Inconclusive action at Malsch between Archduke Charles and Moreau. Charles moves back. Meanwhile, Jourdan had crossed the Rhine again and driven back Wartensleben.
13 Jul 1796   Josephine arrives in Milan
21 Jul 1796   J. L. M. Du Jard dies, Col de Tende
29 Jul 1796   Massena's division attacked in great force at Madonna della Corona and Rivoli
31 Jul 1796   Battle of Lonato
3 Aug 1796   Second battle of Lonato
5 Aug 1796   Battle of Castiglione
12 Aug 1796   Charles pushed back across the Danube by Moreau between Ulm and Donauwörth.
24 Aug 1796   Jourdan defeated by Charles at Amberg
24 Aug 1796   Moreau defeats Austrians under Latour at Friedberg
3 Sep 1796   French begin their attack in the Tyrol
3 Sep 1796   Archduke Charles defeats Jourdan at Würzburg. Jourdan retired to the Rhine in a series of running fights.
4 Sep 1796   Battle of Rovereto
7 Sep 1796   Battle of Primolano
8 Sep 1796   W. Mahony dies, Bassano
16 Sep 1796   Battle of San Giorgio
17 Sep 1796   The French attack Ingolstadt.
24 Sep 1796   Alvinczy appointed commander of Austrian forces in Italy
1 Oct 1796   French complete blockade of Mantua again
16 Oct 1796   Victor Amadeus III di Savoia dies, Moncalieri
26 Oct 1796   Moreau crosses to safety behind the Rhine at Hunningen after breaking off his pursuit of Latour due to Jourdan's defeat.
Nov 1796   J. B. de Muiron dies, Arcole
7 Nov 1796   Paul declared Tsar of Russia
15-17 Nov 1796   Battle of Arcole
17 Nov 1796   Catherine the Great dies, Tsarskoye Selo, nr St Petersburg

Amur leopards

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