4 Jan 1797   Alvinczy holds council of war in Bassano
7 Jan 1797   Austrian troops begin their movements from Bassano and Padua
14 Jan 1797   Battle of Rivoli
31 Jan 1797   F. P. Schubert born in Vienna
2 Feb 1797   Fall of Mantua
28 Mar 1797   D. von Miloradovics dies, Neumark, Tyrol
17 Apr 1797   Revolt in Verona (Pasque Veronesi)
17-18 Apr 1797   French cross the Rhine.
18 Apr 1797   Peace of Leoben
18 Apr 1797   Hoche defeats Werneck at Lahn. Hoche, who had succeeded Jourdan as commander of Army of Sambre and Meuse, had moved up the Rhine to assist Moreau in crossing at Kehl. Hoche had crossed at Düsseldorf and Coblenz.
20 Apr 1797   Moreau crosses Rhine.
21 Apr 1797   D. S. de Wurmser dies, Vienna
12 May 1797   Democratic republic set up at Venice
15 Jun 1797   Ligurian republic set up at Genoa
9 Jul 1797   Cisalpine republic set up at Milan
13 Sep 1797   Kellermann retires from active service
18 Sep 1797   L. L. Hoche dies, Wetzlar
18 Oct 1797   Treaty of Campo Formio
16 Nov 1797   Frederick William II von Hohenzollern dies, Berlin
10 Dec 1797   Napoleon returns to Paris
27 Dec 1797   M. L. Duphot dies, Rome

Amur leopards

A personal interest, and nothing to do with history.

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They are perhaps the most endangered animals in the world -- there are only about 30 left in the wild. They desperately need help from humankind. See www.amur-leopard.org.

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