1798   Publication of "Lyrical Ballads" by Wordsworth and Coleridge.
1798   Publication of "Essay of the Principle of Population" by Malthus.
1798   Casanova dies.
8 Jan 1798   Eleventh Amendment to the American Constitution becomes law.
9 Jan 1798   Last Irish parliament meets.
19 Jan 1798   Auguste Comte born in Montpellier.
22 Jan 1798   Batavian Republic is established in Holland.
11 Feb 1798   French forces occupy Rome.
15 Feb 1798   Proclamation of the Roman Republic.
5 Mar 1798   The Directory approves Napoleon's plan for an expedition to Egypt.
20 Mar 1798   Beginning of the French elections.
29 Mar 1798   Switzerland reoganised as the Helvetian Republic.
3 Apr 1798   Use of the Republican Calendar made compulsory in France.
26 Apr 1798   The French annexe Geneva.
26 Apr 1798   Eugène Delacroix (painter) born.
11 May 1798   Coup of 22 floréal. The Directory annuls the elections and endorses its own candidates.
18 May 1798   Napoleon sets sail for Egypt.
26 May 1798   Beginning of a rebellion in County Wexford in Ireland.
12 Jun 1798   French capture Malta.
21 Jun 1798   General Lake defeats the Irish rebels at Vinegar Hill near Wexford.
29 Jun 1798   Giacomo Leopardi (poet) born in Recanati.
1 Jul 1798   French under Napoleon land in Egypt and occupy Alexandria.
21 Jul 1798   French win the Battle of the Pyramids.
23 Jul 1798   French enter Cairo.
1 Aug 1798   Nelson wins Battle of the Nile (Aboukir Bay)
19 Aug 1798   Alliance between France and the Helvetian Republic.
22 Aug 1798   The French land 1,000 men under General Humbert at Killala Bay in Ireland.
1 Sep 1798   Treaty between the (English) East India Company and the Nizam of Hyderabad.
5 Sep 1798   The Jourdan Law provides for universal conscription of French males over 20 years of age.
9 Sep 1798   Turkey declares war on France.
21 Oct 1798   D. M. Dupuy dies, Cairo (Egypt).
22 Oct 1798   J. Sulkowski dies, Cairo (Egypt).
19 Nov 1798   Irish leader Wolf Tone dies.
29 Nov 1798   Ferdinand IV of Naples declares war on France.
1 Dec 1798   Ferdinand IV of Naples makes treaty with England.
4 Dec 1798   France declares war on Naples.
4 Dec 1798   Luigi Galvani dies in Bologna.
8-10 Dec 1798   French occupy Turin.
9 Dec 1798   Carlo Emanuele of Sardinia is forced to abdicate.
15 Dec 1798   French enter Rome.
23 Dec 1798   Russo-Turkish treaty against France.
24 Dec 1798   Anglo-Russian treaty.

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