15 Feb 1799   Napoleon captures El Arish
7 Mar 1799   Napoleon captures Jaffa
12 Mar 1799   War declared on Austria
13 Mar 1799   P. Guillaume dies, Brescia
20 Mar 1799   Beginning of siege of Acre
21 Mar 1799   Charles defeats Jourdan at Ostrach
25 Mar 1799   First Battle of Stockach. Charles defeats Jourdan
5 Apr 1799   J. J. M. Pijon dies, Isola della Scala, VR
27 Apr 1799   Moreau defeated by Austro-Russians under Suvorov at Cassano
21 May 1799   Napoleon lifts siege of Acre and returns to Egypt
4-7 Jun 1799   Massena loses First Battle of Zurich to Archduke Charles
12 Jun 1799   K. C. von Piaczek dies, Schaffhausen
22 Jun 1799   Signing of Austro-British alliance (completing Second Coalition)
17-19 Jul 1799   Macdonald defeated by Austro-Russians under Suvorov at Trebbia
25 Jul 1799   French win Battle of Aboukir
9 Aug 1799   E. A. C. de Dommartin dies, Rosetta (Egypt)
14 Aug 1799   Massena loses Second Battle of Zurich to Archduke Charles
15 Aug 1799   B. C. Joubert dies, Novi
23 Aug 1799   Napoleon leaves Egypt for France
29 Aug 1799   Death of Pope Pius VI
26 Sep 1799   Massena defeats Russians at Zurich (Third Battle)
9 Oct 1799   Napoleon lands at Fréjus
9 Nov 1799   Coup d'état of 18 brumaire
9 Nov 1799   Napoleon, Siéyès and Roger Ducos appointed Provisional Consuls
11 Dec 1799   C. E. J. Kilmaine dies, Paris
24 Dec 1799   Publication of new French Constitution. Consulate begins

Amur leopards

A personal interest, and nothing to do with history.

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They are perhaps the most endangered animals in the world -- there are only about 30 left in the wild. They desperately need help from humankind. See www.amur-leopard.org.

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