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The chronologies were prepared during research into Napoleon's 1796-7 campaign in Italy. They mostly focus on European military history in the period leading up to it, or after it, though some other areas are touched on for context. The links below go to periods of a decade or a single year.


1700s | 1720s | 1730s | 1740s | 1750s | 1760s | 1770s | 1780s

1790 | 1791 | 1792 | 1793 | 1794 | 1795 | 1796 | 1797 | 1798 | 1799

1800s | 1810s

The chronologies were compiled from standard reference works, but while the usual efforts were made to ensure accuracy, there will no doubt be errors. As always, it is advisable to cross-check. The major source works were:

  • Balteau, J., and others, eds. Dictionnaire de biographie française. Paris, 1933-
  • Berthelot, P.-E.-M., and others, eds. La grande encyclopédie. Paris, 1887-1902
  • Biographie nationale de Belgique. Brussels, 1866-1986
  • Der Grosse Brockhaus. Leipzig, 1928
  • Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford (various editions)
  • Ferrabino, A., and others, eds. Dizionario biografico degli Italiani. Rome, 1960-
  • Hassall, A., European History, Chronologically Arranged (476-1920). London, 1920
  • Hoefer, D., ed. Nouvelle biographie universelle/générale. Paris, 1852-66
  • Liliencron, R., von, and Wegele, F. X., eds. Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie. Leipzig, 1875-1912
  • Michaud, ed. Biographie universelle ancienne et moderne. Paris, 1843-?
  • The New Encyclopædia Britannica. Chicago, c1997
  • The Pengiun Atlas of World History. London, 1794
  • Treccani, G., ed. Enciclopedia italiana. Milan, 1929-37
  • Wurzbach, C., von. Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich. Vienna, 1856-91

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