These are mainly photos of important sites of events of Napoleon's 1796-7 campaign in Italy, and in some cases information about how to visit them.

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Near FinaleThe Riviera

The rugged hinterland of the Western Riviera is where the 1796 campaign began. This view shows the country just inland from Finale. Click to see a larger version.


Monte NeginoMonte Negino and Montenotte

Click here to see a page of seven photos of the area around Monte Negino and Montenotte, the scene of Napoleon Bonaparte's "first battle" as an army commander. All taken in April 1996.


Cosseria bluffCosseria

The bluff on which the ruins of the castle of Cosseria (just visible at the highest point) are situated. This was the scene of the first check to Napoleon Bonaparte's invasion of Piedmont. Taken in April 1996. Click to see a larger version.


Cosseria -- the castle gateCosseria -- the castle gateway

The gateway and the wall to the left were the sites of the main French attacks on the castle ruins. Taken in April 1996. Click to see a larger version.



Site of the two-day action that confirmed the separation of the Austrian and Piedmontese armies. Taken in April 1996. Click to see a larger version.


Those who wish to visit the most important sites of the first month of Napoleon's 1796 campaign will probably want to base themselves in Savona or in one of the small towns just inland. The author's own choice was Altare, where he found a welcome that was quite out of the ordinary.

Quintilio restaurantPaolo and Isa Bazzano, the couple who run the Ristorante Locanda Quintilio, where he stayed, were not only pleasant and efficient hosts, but made unusual efforts to help the author with his research. Signor Paolo even used his free time to drive the author to Montenotte (otherwise a long walk, as there was no public transport), put the author in contact with local historians, and provided numerous useful photocopies. It was only later that it came out that the Quintilio also has the reputation of being the best restaurant in Liguria! The photograph on the left will give an idea of its appearance (click on the image to see a larger version -- 33k), but unfortunately the quality of the food may only be appreciated by making a personal visit.

Quintilio bedroomThe photograph on the right shows one of the bedrooms. Once again, to see a larger version (19k), click on the image. All rooms have their own shower. Information about prices and availability can be obtained from:

Ristorante Locanda Quintilio
Via Gramsci 23
17041 Altare
Tel: +39-019-58000

The pensione and restaurant both come with the author's heartfelt recommendation. Anyone wishing to see Montenotte, Dego, Cosseria, Carcare and other important sites in the area would do well to consider making them their home for a few days.

La Pedaggera -- view fromLa Pedaggera -- view down towards Ceva

The view southwards down the valley in the direction of Ceva, showing the Alps in the far distance. The Piedmontese defensive positions were along the slopes on the left of the picture, and ran all the way down to Ceva itself. Taken in April 1996. Click to see a larger version.


The River Adda at LodiThe River Adda at Lodi

This view was taken only a little upstream from the site of the bridge at Lodi. The French cavalry attempted to ford the river somewhere in the area on the right of the picture. Click to see a larger version.


Arcole -- the bridgeArcole -- the bridge

The modern bridge at Arcole, looking over the Alpone to the village itself. Click to see a larger version.


The Alpone at ArcoleThe River Alpone at Arcole

The Alpone seen from the bridge at Arcole, looking northwards. The narrowness of the watercourse may not be obvious from the picture. Taken on a grim day in June. Click to see a larger version.


Arcole dykeArcole -- the dyke

This view shows the dyke along which General Augereau's division had to advance in order to try and cross the bridge, which is just to the left of the camera. Click to see a larger version.


RivoliRivoli Panorama

The whole panorama of the field of Rivoli seen from the viewpoint of the central French position on Monte Ceredello.

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