This page has photos of various places around the battlefield of Montenotte. See also the contour map of this area in the maps section.

Cascina Garbazzo

Cascina Garbazzo

This view shows all that remains of Cascina Garbazzo, the farmhouse where the Austrian troops under General Argenteau assembled before attacking Monte Negino. Click to see a larger photo (36k).

Cascina Garbazzo -- Fields

Montenotte -- fields

Although the hills around Montenotte are thickly wooded, some of the valleys have open fields, like this area near Cascina Garbazzo. The author is unable to give a precise location, because he didn't know where he was when he took the shot. However, it is less than half a mile from the Cascina. Clicking loads a larger photo (20k).

Cascina Garbazzo / Montenotte

Cascina Garbazzo / Montenotte

This photo shows the hills opposite Cascina Garbazzo. On the other side of the nearest of them lies the valley of Montenotte. The larger photo is 20k.

Montenotte -- the Woods

Montenotte -- the woods

The photo on the left shows the thick woods that covered the area around Montenotte. In the centre of the image are the remains of an old fortification, consisting of stones laid in a circle. The photograph was taken in April 1996, and it will be noted that there was still snow on the ground in places. Click on the image to see a larger version (52k).

Monte Negino

Monte Negino -- view from the redoubt

This picture shows the view from the redoubt of Monte Negino, looking towards Monte Pra and Monte San Giorgio, which are invisible due to the cloud. The modern road has made the area more accessible than it was 200 years ago, but it is easy to see that this was a formidable defensive position in 1796. The view in this photo is exactly that which the French would have had of the Austrian attackers. The larger photo is 24k.

Monte Negino from the Rear

Monte Negino -- view from rear

View from the site of the secondary smaller redoubt. Click to see a larger version.

View from near Casa Bianca

View from near Casa Bianca

The ridge along which the French drove back the Austrians at the beginning of the battle of Montenotte, seen from the vantage point near Casa Bianca. It was from this place that Bonaparte observed the first movements of the troops. Monte Negino is the small "pimple" that can be seen just to the right of centre.


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