Rivoli Panorama

This page shows a panorama of the battlefield of Rivoli. The views were taken from Monte Ceredello, roughly in the centre of the French positions. The compass directions given above each photograph are only approximate. Clicking on an image will show a larger version. 


West North West

North West

View towards Tramabasore View towards Caprino View towards south of Baldo

View towards Trambasore along the line of hills on which the French had their main defensive position.

Looking towards La Presa (farmhouse in middle distance) and Caprino.

View towards southern end of Monte Baldo.

North North West


North North East

View towards San Martino View towards Pazzon The ridge flanking the Adige

The area where the 14th Line infantry regiment must have placed its guns.

Looking towards Pazzon, in the direction of Madonna della Corona, etc.

The ridge along which Joubert's troops retreated, and where they fought for most of the battle.


East South East

South East

View towards San Marco The ridge, San Marco on left View towards Pontare

Looking directly towards San Marco. The higher peaks are on the far side of the River Adige.

The ridge continues towards the Pontare.

The terrain between Monte Ceredello and the Pontare: the route down into the Adige valley.

Amur leopards

A personal interest, and nothing to do with history.

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