The Road to Rivoli

Road to Rivoli cover

The first English-language book dealing with this crucial phase of Napoleon's career to be published since 1953, it describes the major actions in more detail than any previous work in English. It also presents material from Austrian and Italian sources in English for the first time.

Extensive quotation from the letters and memoirs of eye-witnesses, including Napoleon himself, generals, officers, soldiers, diplomats, and local civilians.

Chapters sketching the background to the campaign (the origins of the war, contemporary weapons and tactics, the characteristics of the opposing armies). It outlines Napoleon's military education, and where he learned the skills he was to use.

Published by Cassell & Co., London. ISBN: 0304353051. Also in paperback.

Comments by other authors:

"Martin Boycott-Brown has produced a pearl of considerable price to set among the groaning shelves of Napoleonic scholarship." Allan Mallinson, The Spectator.

"Octave Aubry, when assessing the effect that Napoleon had on France, wrote that "when an achievement ... bears such fruit, it provides its own justification." Martin Boycott-Brown has achieved a wonderful book about the first Italian campaign." David Chandler.


"The most detailed and coherent account of the campaign that I have ever read ... a truly first-rate study." Philip J. Haythornthwaite.

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